XLS Medical Review

What is XLS Medical?

xls medicalXLS Medical is a new fat burning slimming supplement that helps you lose weight by disallowing its absorption in the body. XLS Medical is scientifically proven to bind up to 27% of the fat consumed within a meal.

As this almost one third of the fat is prevented from being stored in the body, this significantly reduces the overall calorie intake, contributing thus to effective weight loss.

Using a proprietary formula of Litramine and Vitamins A, D and E, XLS Medical prevents consumed fat from being absorbed in the intestine and subsequently be stored, rather when XLS is taken, it develops a stomach gel-like substance which makes it impossible for up to 27% of the fat consumed to be absorbed.

This prohibition of fat-absorption of XLS Medical allows you to regulate better your weight and achieve your desirable weight goals results.

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Does it work though?

The claims made by XLS Medical are grounded in research. A 2012 research suggests that,

“Compared with placebo, IQ also showed significantly greater reduction in BMI, body fat composition, and waist circumference. […]These results suggest that the natural fiber complex Litramine IQP G-002AS is effective in promoting weight loss.”

Another study with 81  German subjects has established that the subjects taking Litramine within a healthy lifestyle were able to burn three times more fat than those taking the placebo.

xls medical science

XLS Medical contains LItramine which is a non-soluble fiber that binds fat in the stomach preventing thus its absorption and it also contains soluble fibrer complex of Vitamin A,D and E which are released well after the fat binding stage to ensure that the body is still substantially nurtured. XLS Medical features an enlightening video on how exactly does XLS works to bind fat and help you lose weight.

What side effects are associated with XLS Medical use?

XLS is classified as a Medical Device Class LLB and since it is based on a plant fibre, it is not harsh on the stomach or your body in general.

When you take XLS Medical, Litramine, the fat-binding natural fibre complex, starts attracting fat entering in your stomach creating an indigestible viscous substance that prevents fat from being absorbed by your intestine.

This fat binding ability allows you to get rid of as much as 27% of the consumed fat, substantially decreasing your overall calorie intake. Once this gel-like substance does its job it is then naturally excreted from the body. This process does no harm to your stomach as its pH independent.

Although some interested in XLS Medical individuals are concerned about possible side effects, the reassurance XLS Medical provides is that “it doesn’t interfere with natural body workings”, and there have been no side effects tied directly to using XLS fat binder.

When XLS Medical really works?

XLS Medical is a fat binding supplement, it boost neither your metabolism nor does it improve your energy, although some people do report a better regulated, decreased appetite. What XLS Medical is good at is to absorb consumed fat and prevent it from being used up by your body.

That being said, people who look for supplements that can help them control their meal portions, or are most likely to load up on carbs rather than fatty foods they should know that XLS Medical is not as effective in that aspect.

If you are keeping your carb intake under control, you can rest assured that XLS may take care of the rest. Alternatively, there’s another product called XLS Carb Blocker, which can be used effectively to reduce the carbohydrate intake and promote weight loss in case you’re a bit heavy on carbs.

Where can I get XLS Medical?

XLS Medical is an OTC slimming supplement that can be purchased at Boots and other pharmacies as well as through XLS Medical official website – http://www.xlsmedical.co.uk or major stockists like Pharmacy2U – (buy now, cheapest online price). Should you be concerned over the verifiability of this new product’s effectiveness there are fat-binding weight loss supplements which can be of great help.

Why Proactol Plus Is Our Recommended Fat Blocker?

Proactol is a popular, scientifically grounded fat-binding supplement that efficiently helps you lose weight by preventing fat absorption and decreasing your appetite. It’s one of the most safe and effective natrual slimming supplements that has been on the market since 2007 and gained a huge popularity on both sides of the globe.

fat binder success storyProactol helps you lose weight by creating a gel-like fluid in the stomach which has the capacity to absorb consumed fat. Unlike similar fat-binding supplements Proactol has been in fact –research-proven to prevent 27,4% of fat being absorbed by the intestine. More than 6 studies have been conducted for the efficiency of the patented fat-binding complex Litramine® that’s in Proactol.

Proactol has been endorsed by hundreds of people, and it also counts some famous success stories like that of Laura Price who lost over 74 pounds with this fat binder, as well as extensive, positive media coverage. In a glance, Proactol,

Is a MHRA certified supplement, MHRA is the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in the UK

  • A plethora of success stories and celebrity endorsement
  •  Iron-clad money back guarantee of no less than 180 days
  • Its twofold aim make it more potent than other fat-binders, as it also efficiently suppresses appetite
  • Extensively praised customer support, providing help and guidance to Proactol customers
  • It’s a trusted, established manufacturer that stands behind Proactol and most importantly,
  •  All clinical studies on Proactol have consistently pointed out its fat-binding ability of 27% of consumed fat – translating to realistic weight loss of 2-5 pounds a week.

For more information on Proactol’s fat binding efficiency and the latest deals available, you can visit the official website here.

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