Skinny Sprinkles Review

Skinny Sprinkles – Losing Weight The Fun Way?

skinny sprinklesSkinny Sprinkles is a new UK-manufactured appetite suppressant and alertness drink that helps you lose weight. Its main appetite suppressing ingredient glucomannan, is an EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) approved nutrient for its weight loss promoting capacities.

In a glance Skinny Sprinkles:

  • Has substantiated claims1 of weight loss and appetite suppression.
  • Contributes in normal cholesterol levels maintenance
  • Improves alertness and boost endurance during exercising
  • Its main ingredient, glucommanan is in the EU Register on nutrition and health claims and its claims are EFSA authorized.
  • It’s gluten free
  • Suitable for vegan and vegetarians (Vegan Society registered)
  • A Rich source of fiber
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee

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The weight loss energy drink

weight loss drinkSkinny Sprinkles is the ideal weight loss aid for individuals who tend to ruin their diets or reload back the pounds lost due to incontrollable snacking and ravenous hunger cravings.

With less than 21 calories per drink, Skinny Sprinkles promotes feelings of satiety, discouraging you from eating as much as usual. The decreased calorie intake results in weight reduction but without the common side effect of drowsiness and reduced energy. Skinny Sprinkles counteracts this tiredness stemming from the low-cal dieting, by also giving you an energy boost.

Reduce Appetite Skinny Sprinkles comes in the form of powder in individual sticks which you stir in a glass of water and enjoy quality strawberry-flavored drink.

The glucomannan included in Skinny Sprinkles once in your stomach starts absorbing stomach fluids turining into a glutinous fluid which is indigestible. This sends signals to the brain informing it,  the stomach is full so the urge to load up on calories is significantly reduced.

Sugar Rush Mitigation. Skinny Sprinkles also contains inulin, a fullness-promoting dietary fiber which helps in the effective regulation of glucose levels in the bloodstream.

Inulin is said to decelerate the absorption of sugar onto the bloodstream, prolonging thus the duration of fullness one experiences. Although Skinny Sprinkles doesn’t provide any studies to back up inulin’s role in keeping sugar rushes at bay, this, and this study confirms its ability to promote appetite suppression.

Energy Boost The other main function of Skinny Sprinkles is to give you a much-needed alertness boost during your calorie-controlled dieting efforts. The Skinny Sprinkles official website provides 19 different scientific studies that substantiated its energy and alertness boosting capacity, they can be accessed here. The main sources of alertness and increased energy expenditure in Skinny Sprinkles are guarana and caffeine.

Can it help me lose weight?

Apart from being authorized for its appetite suppressing properties by the EFSA, numerous studies have also examined and confirmed its weight loss contribution.

In a study where subjects took two soluble fibres, one of them being 1gr of glucomannan has found that;

“In conclusion, a 16-week dietary supplement of soluble fibre in overweight or obese patients was well tolerated, induced satiety”

The study is published by the British Journal of Nutrition.


rachel vetterWhen taking Skinny Sprinkles within a low-calorie and mild exercising context, you can expect significant body weight loss due to appetite suppression and sugar rush curbing. Also, an enhanced alertness will encourage you to exercise more, similarly contributing to weight reduction.

The effectiveness of Skinny Sprinkles can be verified by the many success stories of women who’ve been using Skinny Sprinkles, with three main processes all contributing to weight loss:

 (A) Suppressed Appetite

(B) Reduced Hunger Cravings                             A+B+C  -> WEIGHT LOSS

(C) Energy and Alertness Boost

Success Stories

Skinny Sprinkles has been extensively featured in the media and especially women’s magazines, praised for its support in appetite suppression and weight loss.

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Enjoyable, Effective

When Skinny Sprinkles is taken within a low-calorie dieting it will suppress your appetite effectively, boosting your weight loss efforts.

Women who already use Skinny Sprinkles readily confess how it’s a high quality product that encourages them to stick to their dieting and not ruin it with mindless snacking. Its delicious taste, portability, discreteness, and efficiency are repeatedly mentioned as they most valued benefits of Skinny Sprinkles.

Motivating and Supportive Role

Many also highlight how encouraging the whole brand identity of Skinny Sprinkles is, as it makes them feel proud and further motivated on their weight loss efforts (rather than self-conscious for using a health supplement). Women who are using Skinny Sprinkles confirm that along with their appetite being curbed, their determination to stick to their diet skyrockets.

Product Details and Purchase Information

Skinny Sprinkles doesn’t claim to be a meal replacement, it is supposed to be taken prior to main meals to decrease your urge for overeating and reduce your calorie intake. However, it can work as a snack replacement, thus in between meals, when hunger cravings intensify, you can drink Skinny Sprinkles to assuage your urge to eat.

buy skinny sprinklesSkinnySprinkles stands out from the competition because it’s a high quality weight loss supplement with confirmed scientific claims and a thoroughly supportive and encouraging parallel action.

The fact that is gluten free, rich in fibre and suitable for both vegans and vegetarians make it a widely applicable choice for anyone wishing to lose weight in a fun, effortless manner.

Taking three Skinny Sprinkles sticks per day helps activate the weight loss process by keeping you full longer and more alert.

You can purchase your own Skinny Sprinkles package from the official Skinny Sprinkles website, with less than 25 GBP you get 21 Skinny Sprinkles sticks to kickstart  your body weight reduction right away.

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