Proactol Review

proactol plusProactol is a fat binder dietary supplement. As its manufacturers argue, it efficiently blocks up to 30% of the fat one consumes.

Proactol Plus has been extensively under scrutiny with more than 5 clinical studies examining its effectiveness.  But before rushing to get it, it would be wise to learn more about it and  see whether it is worthwhile or not.

Proactol Plus At a Glimpse:

  • Curbs food cravings by slowing down digestion
  • Binds almost 30% of consumed fat
  • Lowers cholesterol and CVD risk
  • No side effects as its natural health supplement
  •  It’s herbal, eco-certified and medically endorsed and certified (MDD 93/42/EEC).
  • 1000’s of happy slimmers across the world – losing 2-5 lbs per week

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How does it work?

Proactol Plus is a supportive weight management pill. That is, it’s outstanding effectiveness 30% of fat intake, if not used in a context of exercising and a healthy diet, means you still cut around 295 calories from daily consumption.

does proactol workIt works as soon as fat enters the stomach by binding the fat creating an enlarged gel-like substance.

This substance as it’s too big, it cannot be absorbed and enter the bloodstream. Fat is eventually passed out of your body. In this manner fat is blocked from being digested, reducing the amount of calories and fat accumulated in your body.

Proactol Plus comprises of organic, ingredients, with the defining ingredient being Opuntia ficus indica, or else prickly pear cactus extract. Other ingredients in Proactol Plus are: Microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate dehydrate, magnesium stearate etc.

Opuntia ficus-indica

The fiber in Proactol Plus has been systematically researched. It’s almost impossible to refute its 28% fat binding ability, when this study clearly states:

“two grams of patented fibre complex from Opuntia ficus indica prevented the absorption of 2.7 grams of fatty acids during the four hours of experiment in the  gastrointestinal model”.

Proactol not only binds fat molecules, it also decelerates the digestion process, making you feel full for longer, thus reducing your calorie intake and food cravings.

In sum  5 different clinical studies reached the same conclusion; that Proactol Plus binds 28% of the consumed fat, blocking it from being digested.

In one study fat absorption was reduced by 26.6%, moreover, the subjects lost 0.72 kg in just three days. What’s more, another of 5 studies suggests a 23% block of fat absorption with the use of Proactol Plus. Another 2006 study has indicated that:

“patented fiber complex from Opuntia ficus indica could regulate blood lipid levels and thus participate in reducing cardiovascular risk…. Opuntia ficus indica is efficient in applications related to cardiovascular risks prevention”

In addition, another study, examined whether bile acids are also prevented from being absorbed by Proactol Plus. The results are self-explanatory:

“[the] patented fibre complex ingredient from Opuntia ficus-indica can collect some of the bile acids and makes them unavailable for digestion of lipids by pancreatic lipase”

How do I know it won’t be a waste of money?

Apart from the above-mentioned clinical studies, Proactol Plus is a certified medical device product  (MDD 93/42/EEC). The evidence can be seen here. Not many diet supplements  are certified for their safety and effectiveness.

Moreover, Proactol’s active ingredient Opuntia ficus indica, is also eco-certified, making it suitable for vegetarians, with no added preservatives and 100% organic.

Proactol Plus, formerly Proactol, has been on the market since 2006. The difference between the product names comes from enhancing the Proactol original formula with Bioperine™ – ingredient clinically proven to increase the absorption rate of other substances coming to your body with it.

Another criteria for recommending Proactol is MHRA approval status, which makes Proactol 100% compliant with the new EU regulations of the supplements market.

weight loss storiesApparently the quality and effectiveness of Proactol might be the reason behind its success, despite new diet supplements continuously being produced.

Proactol is responsible for numeruous success stories across the world, some of these stories were featured in the press, such as the story of Laura Price who lost over 70lbs with Proactol, and Samantha Higgins story featured in Chat Magazine, who managed to drop off 35 lbs with Proactol.

Proactol In The Media

It seems that Proactol Plus, apart from being popular with weight watchers, is a media favorite. From Daily Express to Cosmopolitan and from Daily Magazine and the Telegraph, the media is buzzing with the single natural slimming product that lives up to its promises.

proactol telegraphEvidently, Proactol Plus is an effective natural slimming pill, which in combination with a healthy sensible diet may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

On the UK market, it seems to be among the supplements for weight loss, that built a solid reputation by relying on proven customer feedback rather than overhyped claims.

Where To Buy Proactol?

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