Nuratrim Review

nurartim ukNuratrim is a new weight loss supplement, unlike anything else on the market. Being another promising product by Advanced Health (manufacturers of immensely popular Capsiplex), Nuratrim claims to increase your metabolic rate, lower your cholesterol levels and curb your appetite.

According to Nuratrim manufacturers, the latter is a potent all-natural dietary supplement that aids weight loss. In fact, Nuratrim not only suppresses one’s appetite, it also increases feelings of satiety (even on smaller food portions), substantially decreasing calorie intake, thus promoting weight loss.

Clinically Proven Effects Of Nuratrim

  • Suppressing Appetite
  • Increasing Metabolic Rate & Burning More Fat
  • Lowering Cholesterol Levels
  • Reducing Daily Calorie Intake By 20%

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What does Nuratrim contain?

Nuratrim comprises of green coffee extract, glucomannan, liquorice extract and capsicum.  But let’s discover whether it’s worth your money or not.


kogniac root for appetite curbingThis is an edible, water-soluble fiber, found in Konjac Roots. Glucomannan once in your stomach, starts absorbing water, taking up space in it. As this fiber swells in your stomach, feelings of fullness start to kick-in, making you experience satiety. Allegedly, glucomannan can absorb water, 200 times its own weight.

Moreover, this polysaccharide is a known cholesterol killer. One study has concluded that Glucomannan is effective in lowering cholesterol and helping weight loss goals. The study conducted, was double-blind and eight-week long, participants were all obese.

A 2008 study also suggests the effectiveness of Glucomannan on lowering cholesterol and stimulating fullness sentiments. Its results are self-evident:

“a 16-week dietary supplement of soluble fibre in overweight or obese patients was well tolerated, induced satiety and had beneficial effects on some CVD[cardiovascular] risk factors, the most important of which was a significant decrease in plasma LDL-cholesterol concentrations.”

Capsicum extract

Capsicum extract is another herbal ingredient found in Nuratrim. Capsaicin is the compound that makes peppers spicy hot. But most importantly is clinically proven to increase metabolism, burning thus more calories.

The advanced energy expenditure brought about by capsaicin, is accompanied by a boosted satiety level, according to this study. So Nuratrim contains an ingredient that both curbs your appetite and energizes your metabolism. And these are scientifically grounded claims too.

Green coffee extracts

Nuratrim also contains green coffee extracts. A systematically proven fat burning ingredient.  This 2012 study has concluded that products with green coffee extract:

 “may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in preobese adults, and may be an inexpensive means of preventing obesity in overweight adults.”

What’s more, according to a meta-analysis of various green coffee trials:

 “The meta-analytic result reveals a significant difference in body weight in GCE compared with placebo”, highlighting that “The magnitude of the effect is moderate, and there is significant heterogeneity amongst the studies”.

The study was conducted in 2011 and can be accessed here.

Liquorice extract

Last but not least, Nuratrim contains licorice extracts, another intensely efficient compound. This study for instance, suggests that Liquorice oil extract constrains weight gain and prevents abdominal fat accumulation.

More outstandingly, liquorice extract is responsible for LDL oxidation prevention, reducing thus the risk of cardiovascular inflammation, this study suggests.

Side effects?

Only a statistically insignificant number of users have reported experiencing hot flushes in view of capsaicin. Also, it might slightly disrupt sleeping patterns due to the presence of caffeine. However, monitoring your other sources of caffeine can easily accommodate the issue.

Other than controlling your appetite efficiently and helping you lose weight, no other side effect is reported by neither manufacturers, nor Nuratrim users.

Final Verdict on Nuratrim

does nuratrim workThe claims are bountiful, as are the scientifically grounded data. The closer look at the studies conducted ensure the product effectiveness in weight loss. It’s definitely not a miracle weight loss pill, but Nuratrim stands apart of dodgy slimming pills with it’s multi-angled attack on excess weight, based on a mix of high-potent clinically proven ingredients.

Typical results reported by customers are 3 to 8 lbs weight loss in 1st month of use. There’s evidence of Nuratrim customers reaching their desired weight within 3-4 month of healthy dieting combined with taking Nuratrim, with no reported side effects.

In short, it’s not an extreme fat burner aimed at rapid weight loss, rather it’s a safe and long-term solution prefect for achieving your weight loss goals with less effort.

Highly Recommended

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