Lipobind Review

Lipobind is a weight loss supplement that works as a fat binder. In fact, Lipobind contains a patented fibre complex, called Litramine.  Lipobind is said to effectively aid weight loss and weight management, given it is used along with healthy lifestyle choices.

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How does Lipobind work?

The primary, natural ingredient in Lipobind is Litramine. Litramine is an organic fibre complex derived from the dried leaves of Opuntia ficus indica cactus. Lipobind contains 535mg of this potent cactus extract.

Litramine works by binding fat intake, blocking the latter from being absorbed and used by your body. More importantly by blocking fat, it almost bans the storage of fat in the body.

More precisely, once you take Lipobind, (ideally after a meal), it interacts with fat, creating an indigestible mixture that makes it impossible for your stomach to absorb. Eventually, the blocked, undigested fat exits your body naturally.

fat binding process

In addition to binding fat, Lipobind also slows down the process of digestion, allowing you thus, to feel full for longer periods of time (picture 2).

These soluble fibers absorb water and engorge in the stomach, causing you to feel full faster than usual. This feeling of satiety naturally discourages you from consuming unnecessary calories. In effect, by curbing your appetite, Lipobind effectively reduces calorie intake, making it even easier to slim down and loose fat.

You can watch Dr. Steele discussing how Lipobind actually behaves and how it helps you lose weight.

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What can it do for me?

Litramine, extracted from a type of prickly pear, is according to its producers, clinically proven to bind fat, contributing the weight loss goals of individuals. In fact Litramine, present in Lipobind can reduce “up to 3x more body weight than dieting and exercise alone”

It is noteworthy however, that the majority of clinical studies on Litramine were mostly performed on non-humans. Something perhaps considered a downside, weakening the claims Lipobind makes.

Nonetheless, the manufacturers of Lipobind argue that the latter blocks up to 27% of incoming fat. In a glance Lipobind:

  • Blocks and Binds Fat, preventing its absorption
  • Generates feelings of satiety
  • Curbs appetite and food cravings

Does it have any side effects I should know about?

As Lipobind is entirely made out of natural ingredients, it’s safe to use and has virtually no side effects.

However, as is the case with any diet supplement medication, consulting your doctor is advisable. Lastly, Lipobind is contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The main active ingredients in Lipobind is Dried leaves cactus extract. Other ingredients include: crystalline cellulose, Calcium hydrogen phosphate, Silicon dioxide, Povidone and Magnesium stearate.

Media endorsement

lipobind success storyTV presenter, Katy Hill, confesses here how she managed to get rid of the baby weight thanks to Lipobind.

In addition, Lucy Benjamin attests to its effectiveness in an interview with Mirror Magazine. Lipobind carries a CE mark approval as a type 1 medical device.


Should you buy Lipobind?

Lipobind seems to be a promising fat binding diet supplement. The clinical studies supporting its efficacy abound, as are the testimonials of celebrities and anonymous people that have been using Lipobind.

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