Green Coffee Bean Extract 2000mg

Pure Green Coffee 2000mg Review

green coffee bean extractWe love its smell and taste but we not fully enjoy its health advantages too? Green Coffee Bean Extract 2000mg is a natural health supplement from unroasted green coffee beans that gives dieters a reason, or two to smile.

Numerous studies have been consistently confirming the health benefits of green coffee beans and one particular ingredient in it, chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant and weight loss aide.

Taken in their most pure and unprocessed form, coffee beans are but a rich source of healthiness. Since it is practically impossible to drink the needed green coffee to get the maximum of its benefits (you’d need to gulp down gallons of coffee!) that’s where green coffee beans come into play; giving you the all the advantages right away, in the most condense and pure form.

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The Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract 2000mg

1. Weight Loss

Many studies have investigated the weight loss properties of green coffee. Particularly, a 2012 American study found that in their double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the obese subjects had significant body weight reduction and body mass index decrease.

green coffee weight loss

Pure green coffee extract helped to lose 17 pounds of fat in 22 weeks. Source: Dr. Oz TV show

Impressively, the study showed that those taking the green coffee bean extract manage to be classified from pre-obese to normal weight, by the end of the trial.

The study concluded on its high effectiveness for weight loss “[t]he results suggest that GCA may be an effective nutraceutical in reducing weight in preobese adults, and may be an inexpensive means of preventing obesity in overweight adults.”

Yet another study has shown how green coffee has an inhibitory role which prevents fat accumulation and body weight increase.

2. An Antioxidant Shield against aging, diseases and free radicals

A 2011 study on the health benefits of tea and coffee revealed the anti-inflammatory function of green coffee, stating “[t]hese data provide additional evidence for a beneficial effect of habitual caffeinated coffee consumption on insulin sensitivity, and suggest that this effect is unlikely to be mediated by anti-inflammatory mechanisms.”

Many other studies have consistently concluded how green coffee is a powerful antioxidants carrier with a wide range of health benefits.

3. High Blood Pressure

A Tokyo study on the effects of green coffee bean extracts on hypertension, found that Green Coffee is a potent compound that when used daily by mildly hypertensive individuals, it can contribute in decreasing their blood pressure.


A study on the impact chlorogenic acid has for diabetic individuals, revealed that in line with past studies, their results “strongly suggest that CGA (chlorogenic acid) may contribute, at least in part, to the beneficial effect of coffee in blood glucose level of patient with Type 2 diabetes. ”

Why Go For Green Coffee Bean 2000mg Over Plenty Of Other Choices?

Unlike other similar, but not as effective green coffee supplements, Green Coffee Bean 2000mg is the most effective for a number of reasons:

  • It is backed up by scientific research that actually confirms the benefits of the supplement’s main ingredient, like this one stating

    “ In looking at the individual effects of the GCA; 16 of 16 lost weight, 16/16 had decreased percent body fat 16/16 had a reduction in BMI, 3/13 experienced a decrease in systolic blood pressure, and 5/16 a reduction in diastolic blood pressure. Twelve of 16 had a decrease in heart rate. ”

  • It contains just the right amount (200mg) of green coffee extract goodness, necessary for any health benefit to take place, as it’s a direct equivalent of 2000 mg of pure green coffee.
  • It is organic and with no added preservatives, making it a great option for vegetarians and caffeine-sensitive individuals.

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How Does Green Coffee Supplement Work?

Green coffee is such a powerful weight loss tool thanks to the great amounts of chlorogenic acid it contains. Chlorogenic Acid is a known antioxidant which studies have found that when the coffee remains raw, the acid is in its more strong status, promoting people’s health in many ways.

The main function of this acid is controlling glucose release. In other words, chlorogenic acid inhibits fat absorption from your body because it prevents glucose from entering your bloodstream. What that means is that since no glucose enters the bloodstream, no signal is given to your liver to produce insulin, whose main role is to turn glucose into fat.

But that’s not all, chlorogenic acid has another function, it actually helps you achieve your weight loss goals as it boost fat metabolism as well.

But, Why Take Our Word For It?

pure green coffee extractGreen coffee bean extract has been in the market a while now and people who’ve used it, readily recommend it for achieving their weight loss goals, fast, safely and permanently.

A user mentions that how after reaching a weight loss plateau, she switched to Green Coffee Bean Extract 2000mg and her body was awaken again. Soon, she was shedding pounds again.

Many customers confess how they were urged to buy the product due to the hype surrounding it and although suspicious at first, when they started losing weight and melting away the fat, their opinion of it changed entirely.

Last, but not least, many dieters readily profess that the supplement has given them an energy boost as well which contributed in them losing those pounds much faster.

Where you can buy Green Coffee Bean Extract 2000mg?

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