FenBurn Review

fenburn-bottleFenburn by Slimming.com is a powerful thermogenic that could assist you with weight loss.

What is Fenburn?

Fenburn is a thermogenic, a fat burner that achieves weight loss by boosting how well your body metabolizes stored fat for energy.

5 Reasons to try Fenburn

  • Powerful thermogenic for effective, fast weight loss
  • No side effects
  • Improves your energy levels, boosts your exercise motivation
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Developed by UK company Slimming.com
  • Positive reviews by customers

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How does Fenburn work?

To understand how Fenburn really burns fat you need to have a look at its ingredients, all of which contribute to two things,

  • A Metabolism Boost
  • Increased Energy Levels

By achieving these two, Fenburn promotes weight loss through thermogenesis, the increase of body heat that results in improved calorie and fat burning.


Fenburn is a formula of known and clinically proven thermogenic and other weight loss centered ingredients. More specifically Fenburn contains,

500mg Bitter Orange Peel – A clinically proven anti-obese compound that increases your energy levels and burns fat

450mg Caffeine – proven to improve focus and attention by increasing your energy levels and assisting with weight loss through the metabolic boost it achieves.

300mg Oolong Tea Extract – has proven antioxidant activity with various health benefits for the cardiovascular system. It also prevents carbs from turning into fat.

150mcg Capsaicin – this is a thermogenic compound that increases the body’s temperature and as such, accelerate how fast your body metabolizes fat to be used for energy expenditure.

350mg Green Tea Extract – Another powerful antioxidant with weight loss activity too. In fact, several studies confirmed it has anti-obese action and it contributes to weight loss and management.

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Side Effects

FenBurn contains several stimulants; caffeine, green tea and oolong tea.

bottle and tabletsIt also contains thermogenics such as capsaicin and bitter orange pill. These ingredients increase your energy levels and might lead to restlessness, insomnia and jitters if you take the pills too late in the afternoon or if you don’t exercise when taking them.

A daily serving of Fenburn contains 450mg — the typical dosage is around 400-500mg which roughly translates to two energy drinks or about 6 espresso shots.

If you have caffeine sensitivity consult your doctor and carefully track your caffeine intake to avoid experiencing any side effects.

Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should also ask your doctor before purchasing Fenburn.

People with diabetes and other chronic medical conditions that pertain to the cardiovascular system should also seek medical advice before taking this diet pill.

How to take FenBurn

Due to containing caffeine you need to take Fenburn early in the morning, at noon before lunch and early in the afternoon, preferably before your workout as it boosts your energy levels.

Taking it late in the p.m. will most likely make it harder for your to relax and sleep well at night.

Verdict – Recommended Or Not?

buy in the ukFenBurn is a powerful fat burner. If you want to lose weight by targeting your body fat stores then Fenburn might be the supplement you need.

You can purchase Fenburn from its official distributor and developer, Slimming.com, to avoid buying any counterfeit products or risk being victim of post-charges by online vendors that supposedly offer Fenburn for a free trial.

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