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Can DECarb help you reduce calorie intake?

decarb ukHere’s how the story goes, you pledge to actually commit to a diet, only a few days later you get busted scavenging your pantry for late night snack(s). The problem with diets is not that they are defective by definition, but that as humans we are naturally gravitated towards carbs. We are addicted to them

This is a little secret Decarb’s manufacturers have known since the inception of the idea  to create Decarb. Their carb-blocking Decarb was based on this straightforward premise:

Why fight your appetite for carbs when you can simply switch your body into a no-carbs absorbing state?

Decarb is gaining popularity as dieters realize that they do not any longer have to engage in exhausting, low-fat, low-cal, low-you-name-it diets. Decarb claims to be a carbohydrate blocker, preventing carbs absorption by up to 66%.

Isn’t that a too promising claim to make? Indeed, but apparently Decarb has clinical studies to substantiate its robust claims.

In short Decarb

  • Inhibits carb absorption up to 66%
  • Helps you lose up to 3kg in a three-month time span
  • Organic and GMO-free ingredients, with no health risks and side effects reported to this day
  • Decarb is a certified Type 2 medical device, under the Directive 93/42/EEC.
  • Facilitates weight loss by forcing your body to utilize its stored energy
  • Reduced food cravings, otherwise associated with dieting (since your food intake won’t be compromised)
  • Media Personas such as Gail Porter and Linda Robson attest to Decarb’s success.
linda robson carb blocker success

UK Actress Linda Robson DECarb Success: 13 stone 5 lbs to 11 stone 7 lbs

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What does Decarb do?

Decarb tablets are taken before a carb-ridden meal. Phaselite that Decarb contains is a proprietary glycoprotein complex which makes carbohydrates absorption almost unfeasible. So for instance, if you gallop down two brownies, up to 66% of the carbohydrates therein won’t be absorbed. You can watch this clarifying, highly informative video on Phaselite here.

So Decarb enables dieters to be on humanely-manageable diets, as Decarb  will be there to partially prevent carb absorption. And since most diet consist of carbohydrates (a balanced diet recommends about 60% of energy intake to be from carbs.), Decarb proves to be an effective diet supplement.

What is Phaselite?

Phaselite is glycoprotein complex from a 100% GMO-free vegetable origin. Phaselite’s primary function is to prevent the activity of enzyme alpha-amylase.

This, in plain terms means making it hard for carbs to be converted into glucose. Unless carbs are broken down in a simpler, processable form (such as glucose), they are too complex for the stomach to digest.

That’s what Decarb achieves with Phaselite; it disallows carbs from being digested and stored as fats by the body. Ultimately, carbs are not consumed as energy, or stored in the body as fat, they simply exit the body with bowel movement.

Is there any research behind Decarb’s claims?

PhaseLite’s effectiveness is clinically proven, with most studies confirming that Phaselite blocks up to 66% of carb calories absorption. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, subjects taking the white bean extract lost 2.7 kg and 2.2 inches in waist size.

Another study, this time researching the impact the Phaseolus Vulgaris extract has on body composition established that:

“After 30 days, subjects receiving Phaseolus vulgaris extract with a carbohydrate-rich, 2000- to 2200-calorie diet had significantly (p<0.001) greater reduction of body weight, BMI, fat mass, adipose tissue thickness, and waist,/hip/ thigh circumferences while maintaining lean body mass compared to subjects receiving placebo.”

Many are the studies that attest to Phaselite’s potency to inhibit carb digestion and promote weight loss, among them this study.

Most impressively, there has been a Nutrition Journal review on previously published clinical studies, which re-establishes the potency of Phaselite and by extension, Decarb. The clinical trials review can be accessed here. An abstract reads:

“Experiments conducted with the Phase 2 alpha-amylase inhibitor indicate that it reduces the rate of absorption of carbohydrates, thereby reducing the GI of foods. The evidence also indicates that Phase 2 promotes weight loss when taken concurrently with meals containing carbohydrates.”

This means that Decarbs prevents carbs from being converted into energy, by incapacitating alpha-amylase’s digestive activity. Instead, these undigested carbohydrates naturally pass through one’s system without charging the body with unnecessary carb loading.

As the graph below illustrates “In 60 days, the PhaseLite™ group lost 4.75x more in both weight and waist circumference compared to the placebo group””

phaselite2 carb blocker

PhaseLite2 group lost avg. 1.8 kg compared to 0,4 kg weight loss in placebo group

Decarb with a scrutinizing look

Apart from Phaselite the highly concentrated glycoprotein, Decarb also consists of Microcrystalline cellulose, Fructo-oligosaccharide, tri-calcium phosphate and magnesium stearate, these are merely excipients, promoting the impact of Phaselite.

To sum up, Decarb claims to facilitate weight loss by inhibiting the digestion and subsequent absorption of carbohydrates. This translates into a decreased calorie intake, balanced blood sugar levels and an overall healthier weight loss.

Nonetheless, Decarb cannot do it all without you being on its side, stuffing oneself with carbohydrates will simply weaken the effectiveness of Decarb as well as disrupt you mood, with carbs playing havoc with your blood sugar. Decarb creators argue that if you use Decarb within a reasonably lifestyle, it can substantially promote weight loss and render weight management more enduring and effective.

Final recommendation

buy decarb ukTaking everything into consideration, Decarb seems to be an effective diet supplement. For those especially fond of carbohydrates, Decarb proves to be a diet-saving choice. As Decarb enables you to have a more laid-back diet  this ensures that you won’t cheat on it.

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