Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex in a few words

chili pillsIf you’re entertaining the thought of getting slimming pills, Capsiplex might as well be it. According to the manufacturers of Capsiplex, the latter is an all-natural dietary supplement.

Capsiplex is clinically proven to assist weight loss and kick-start your metabolism in burning more calories whilst exercising.

Its main ingredients are caffeine, niacin and the all-powerful capsaicin. Capsiplex knows no humbleness in its claims; stating that it burns as many calories as a 25-minute jog.

Clinically Proven Effects Of Capsiplex

  • Lose up to 18 lbs per month
  • Burn extra 278 calories a day
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Increased metabolism & energy

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What are the ingredients in Capsiplex?

Capsaicin: Is the natural compound in peppers that gives them their spiciness. Capsaicin works by making your body wanting to cool off, even though its temperature did not budge.  This process induced by capsaicin inevitably causes your metabolism to burn more calories than usual and make you experience satiety as well.

As a potent thermogenic compound, capsaicin boosts your metabolism causing effective fat burning, that is visible and substantial.

Caffeine: Apart from calorie-burning Capsaicin, Capsiplex contains another thermogenic compound; caffeine. Caffeine’s role in Capsiplex is rather supportive.

In combination with capsaicin, caffeine helps maintain metabolic rates up, sustaining thus fat burning for much longer. Actually, Capsiplex advocates argue that it burns calories before, during and after exercises. The caffeine dosage included in the pills is safe, so if you find yourself to be caffeine-sensitive, you may find Capsiplex fat burner more safe than any other caffeine-based fat burner.

Niacin and Piperine:

Niacin has a two-fold role; it’s a detoxifier and a fat-cell inhibitor. Niacin, or else Vitamin B3 is known to assist natural body detoxification by making cells capable of self-cleansing.

It is also a fat-production inhibitor, forcing the body to use energy-laden compounds (such as carbs and protein) into maintaining the body healthy, rather than just storing this energy as fat.

Piperine on the other hand, works as a facilitator, making the absorption of the other three ingredients easier.

Are Capsiplex claims grounded?

It’s worth noting that there are numerous studies that have tested the effectiveness of Capsiplex for weight loss.

A study published in Lipids in Health and Disease, on the effectiveness of a similar to Capsiplex dietary supplement, was carried out in 2010. The study concluded that capsaicin effectively increases the number of FFA in the bloodstream, which in turn facilitates fat loss.

Another pilot study has researched the thermogenic (fat loss) effectiveness of capsaicin, found in relevant supplements. The study suggests that 2mg of capsinoids are capable of palpable changes in body composition, mainly fat loss.

This study also examined capsaicin’s impact on appetite and energy intake. The results indicated that those administered with capsaicin had a decreased appetite.

What’s more, a Japanese study, has also examined the influence capsaicin has on metabolic rates. The study verified how capsaicin when consumed, causes immediate metabolic changes, increasing energy expenditure considerably.

A clinical trial in Canada investigated the overall effect of a diet rich in caffeine and capsaicin. It has been registered that:

“Red pepper and caffeine consumption significantly reduced the cumulative ad libitum energy intake and increased energy expenditure…. These results indicate that the consumption of red pepper and caffeine can induce a considerable change in energy balance when individuals are given free access to foods.” Yoshioka M. et al., 1999.

This 2011 study, by Purdue University explicates that:

“capsaicin and capsiate both augment energy expenditure and enhance fat oxidation, especially at high doses. Furthermore, the balance of the literature suggests that capsaicin and capsiate suppress orexigenic [appetite] sensations”.

celebrity diet pillWhile celebrity endorsement doesn’t translate into actual effectiveness, you cannot fail but notice the hype around Capsiplex.

What should be taken into account is that Capsiplex has been featured in several UK’s leading newspapers (Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun) and is backed by such celebrities as Roxanne Palett and Nicola McLean in UK alone – impossible for the supplement with unknown origin and no real clinical data.

The Verdict

Based upon extensive analysis of the clinical studies, Capsiplex is recommended as the powerful fat burner, as it may help you lose 6-7 pounds in the 1st month at the very least. A lot of real customers report much higher weight loss rates up to 18 lbs in a month, if combined with a healthy eating regime.

Capsiplex is a powerful fat burning formula, that can virtually wake up any drowsy metabolism, helping you lose and manage your weight easily.

Note however, that Capsiplex doesn’t claim to be as much efficient when you are sofa-bound. For optimum results you may need frequent exercising. In fact Capsiplex sustains your energy levels allowing you to exercise more effectively and minus the exhaustion—a must feature for successful weight loss.

Where to get Capsiplex?

Currently you can purchase Capsiplex from the official site for £29.99 per pack (a month’s supply).  Any orders above 1 month come with a discount, and the best value for money comes in “buy-3-get-1-free”, which is the Capsiplex supply that most customers reportedly find to work best for slimming.

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