Adiphene Review

Adiphene – Multipurpose Slimming Tablet

adipheneRDK Holding seems to have done their homework. The manufacturer company of Phen375 is now introducing a promising fat loss supplement with a top-notch formula of no less than 12 ingredients, all aiming at fat loss through different functions.

Adiphene seems to be a promising and thoroughly effective weight loss supplement as it simultaneously engages with five different aspect of fat and weight loss:

  • Stimulates fat metabolising, preventing energy being stored as fat with metabolizers such as Ginger and L-Caritine HCL.
  • Boosts energy levels with five different stimulants including Guarana, Ginseng Panax Root and Bitter Orange among other.
  • Reduces fat absorption thanks to Chitosan extract a fat-binding compound that prevents fat from being stored in the body
  • Reduces appetite with glucomannan, a fiber that promotes satiety making it easier for the dieter to stick to dieting.
  • Boost the body’s thermogenic power, accelerating energy metabolism even more.

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How does Adiphene work?

Evidently, Adiphene has all it takes to soon become a superstar in the weight loss supplement industry, as it provides a complete, thorough weight loss opportunity, not previously available for many people who for some reason or another could not exercise along with dieting.

Additionally, for people reaching weight loss plateaus, Adiphene might as well be the solution since its strategic five-functions attack to fat ensures rather impressive weight loss results.

new slimming tabletsAccording to the official website, Adiphene has been designed with people unable to exercise in mind. Its formula is so drastic and efficient that exercising is not really a prerequisite for its effectiveness.

What is more, the fact that Adiphene targets five different weight loss aspects is what ensures its successfulness. Even if one has high metabolic rates but increased appetite, Adiphene will only target their appetite suppression, substantially promoting their weight loss efforts.

Multi-action fat loss

The idea that sparked the birth of Adiphene is the mere insufficiency of dieting and exercising for weight loss. For instance, exercising might burn fat, but it will increase your appetite, or a low-cal diet might boost your metabolism but it will come with a side effect; no or little fat burning.

Adiphene seems to eliminate the conundrums placed by dieting and exercising as the only way one can lose weight. By targeting the most stubborn enemies of fat loss: appetite, slow metabolism, sluggish energy levels and persistent fat, it provides a comprehensive fat loss solution.

The all-powerful formula

As it has been made clear this far, Adiphene stands out from its competition simply because no other slimming supplement offers such an all-inclusive fat loss solution. It’s neither an appetite suppressant, nor a fat-binding supplement, it’s not a fat absorption reducer and it’s not a metabolism booster. It’s all this. All at once.

With its 12-ingredient formula, Adiphene proves to be the solution the slimming consumer market has been waiting for.

The five different functions of Adiphene and the subsequent ingredient that contributes to each function.


melt unwanted fatAdiphene contains Vitamin B6 which streamlines the food-into-energy process, making all the nutrients readily available, while at the same time stabilizes blood sugar levels, allowing the unobstructed, gradual metabolizing of fat into energy.

Another powerful agent is L-caritine HCL. This powerful fat-blasting agent helps in the breakdown of fatty acids and in their subsequent metabolizing as energy.

Ginger root extract is the third fat metabolizer in Adiphene which helps counteract a sluggish metabolism. Ginger root extract contributes in fat metabolism in view of the overall metabolism improvement it brings about.


Adiphene apart from burning fat it also prevents its absorption. Chitosan extract, is a fat-binding ingredient that clings onto fat preventing it from being digested and subsequently be stored as body fat.


Glucomannan gives Adiphene the ability to bring feelings of fullness, which is beneficial in two ways. First, you reduce your calorie intake and second, you don’t need to bear the stressful increased appetite sensation that diets often include.


increase metabolic rateAdiphene with five different metabolizing stimulants ensures one’s body is in a constant fat-burning activity.

The first stimulant is Chromium Picolinate which helps in the release and effectiveness of insulin which consequently helps in having an efficiently working metabolism.

Bitter Orange, an efficient alternative to ephedra, has been hailed as a powerful thermogenic which causes an increase in energy metabolism in the body.

Ginseng Panax Root. Adiphene owns much to its effectiveness to this agent, scientifically researched and found to effectively regulate carb absorption and metabolism. Ginseng among its many other health benefits, prevents energy to be transformed into fat and stored in the body.

Guarana extract, is an energy-boost, metabolism-enhancing ingredient which helps increase your body’s metabolic rates allowing you to use energy faster and more efficiently.

Cacao extract is the fifth metabolism-boosting natural agent in Adiphene with a twofold action; it boosts fat metabolism and substantially prevents fat and carb absorption.


increase fat burning rateAdiphene contains cinnamon extract capable of stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels, which in turn help in having a more efficient fat metabolizing system.

The other powerful thermogenic agent of Adiphene is Cayenne Capsicum is an effective fat burner which also stimulates better blood flow allowing the other Adiphene agents to more be absorbed more quickly.

Adiphene at a glance

  • Developed in FDA approved labs
  • Trusted, established supplement company RDK Pharm produces it
  • Pioneering fat loss supplement with a five-fold fat loss action.
  • Comprehensive fat loss solution for people serious about getting rid of fat.
  • A natural formula of natural and tested ingredients capable of turning your body into a incessant energy-burning machine
  • Great alternative to other fat loss supplements. No unpleasant side effects of more aggressive  fat los products such as Adipex.

buy adiphene onlineAdiphene takes care of all fat loss parameters so that fat and weight loss becomes an one-way street.

The natural, safest alternative to Adipex, Adiphene boosts the metabolism while at the same time ensures hunger is under controlled, fat and carbohydrates absorption is decreased and incoming fat is either metabolized or inhibited from being stored in one’s body.

Adiphene is the latest and last fat loss solution you will ever need.

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